Tips to Being a High Earner While Inventory is Low
with Dave McGhee, Georgia Murphy, Peggy Alexander and James Bell

Recorded live | March 10, 2022

Eager to discover solutions that can help you with the top challenges in today's real estate market? Watch the virtual event recording hosted by Dave McGhee, Vice President of Coaching, and a powerhouse panel of Buffini & Company Business Coaches as they discussed:

  • How to keep buyers motivated when inventory is low.
  • Keys to getting more leads and new listings.
  • Secret sources of wealth to reach your financial goals.

Plus, they shared how coaches from the #1 coaching and training company in North America come alongside their clients who earn an average of $310K a year.

Dave McGhee - Real Estate
Dave McGhee
Vice President of Coaching,
Buffini & Company

As a Buffini & Company Head Coach, Dave leads the team of Business Coaches at Buffini & Company. With his background in real estate, coaching, business and marketing he has trained his team to help thousands of clients achieve breakthroughs that help them to achieve at the highest level.
Georgia Murphy - Real Estate
Georgia Murphy
Business Coach,
Buffini & Company

Georgia Murphy's commitment to working Brian’s systems for over 12 years coupled with her experience in real estate management, sales, education and training provides remarkable expertise for clients looking to achieve knowledge of and growth in the Buffini & Company Working by Referral system through purposeful business development.
Peggy Alexander - Real Estate
Peggy Alexander
Business Coach,
Buffini & Company

Peggy Alexander maintains a straightforward and instinctive approach with her coaching that helps her clients to see all the possibilities and skills that they possess! Peggy has been credentialed as a business and leadership coach and holds an ACC credential with ICF.
James Bell - Real Estate
James Bell
Business Coach,
Buffini & Company

James Bell has a passion for helping his clients realize true life integration so they can have both a successful business and a fulfilling personal life. Having operated his own independent brokerage, James uncovers underlying motivations in his clients to remove obstacles and presents complex ideas in a simple way.

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