Watch How Investing in You Pays Off - Michael Daugherty, Norfolk, VA
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One2One Coaching On Sale

Invest in Buffini & Company One2One Coaching™ Membership* today to get your first month for FREE ($549 value) and we will waive the activation fee ($395).

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"I’ve never invested a dollar into Buffini & Company training and coaching that didn’t come back 10, 20 and even 30 fold!"

- Michael Daugherty, Norfolk, VA

Get the help you need by working with a coach

It's no secret that to earn more money, you need to close more sales. When your days are already full, it's tough to do the foundational business building activities that generate leads and solidify relationships. A Certified Coach will help you make time for the things that matter to grow your business and enjoy your life.

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Time Management for Agents

Download this free resource “Time Management for Agents” and discover how to set priorities and make time for important activities.

Check out "Time Management for Agents" and discover how to set priorities in real estate and make time for the most important lead generation activities. It is simple, not easy and that's why you need a coach to stay accountable.


*New Members may join for $25 and current Members may upgrade and pay no additional dues during the month of February. This offer is not available online. Please Live Chat or or call in to get this special pricing. Shipping, tax and any add-ons (Personalization, Client Direct, extras) will be billed in your 1st month of One2One Coaching.