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Acquire leads and build relationships so that you close more sales. Not only will you increase your income, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy more time off.

If you want to perform at your best and live the life of your dreams, it’s time to get a coach:

  • Uncover what really fulfills you
  • Start where you are and move towards your goals
  • Improve your business to serve all parts of your life
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Business coaching for you or your whole team

Leadership Coaching

Lead your team's production to the highest possible level.

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One2One Coaching

Build a profitable business and find time for the important things in your life.

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Coaching Benefits Leadership Coaching One2One Coaching
Price $1,499 Per Month
$1,649 CAD Per Month
$549 Per Month
$599 CAD Per Month
Professional Coaching & Assessment Tools
Bi-monthly Coaching Sessions ONE ON ONE ONE ON ONE
Monthly Leadership Coaching Session (for you and your team)
Business Plan and Business Analysis
REALStrengths® Profile (for you)
REALStrengths® Assessment (for your team)
Marketing & Business Management Tools
Referral Maker® CRM UP TO 5 SEATS
Robust Library of Resources, Presentations & Reports
Events & Networking
Buffini & Company Leadership Conference™ FREE $995
The Curious CEO (monthly interactive broadcast)
Buffini & Company Master Class™ ATTEND FOR $149 + 5 FREE $149
Buffini & Company MasterMind Summit™ $100 OFF $100 OFF
Buffini Referral Network™
Buffini Groups & Community PRIVATE
Training Programs
Leadership Coaching Curriculum
100 Days to Greatness® BUFFINI CERTIFICATION
The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials Student Course


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